What is the difference between a CV and a Resume?

  • Although we could give you an intellectual type answer for this within Australia basically both Resume and CV virtually mean the same thing.

  • CV is short for Curriculum Vitae

Who is my CV Writer?

  • Your CV (Resume) writer is Gaynor O’Neil, MRCSA (Certified Recruitment Consultant –Australasia).

  • Gaynor has been creating Resumes since 1985 which was shortly after the share crash of
    1985. Her CVs were so popular that people used to come from the other side of the city to
    her home to have a CV prepared by her


  • Her success has been based on her unique style combining both achievements and “instant
    credibility” so that the potential employer sees the candidate as either a ‘cost-benefit,’ a
    ‘profit opportunity’ or a ‘valued asset’


  • Visit the testimonials section to see comments from Gaynor’s clients

  • Gaynor is Co-Author of “Selling Yourself to Employers” which is now sold out. It was
    published in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. A second edition is about to be published.

Is my CV writer qualified?

  • Gaynor is a member of the Recruitment Consultant Services’ Association a governing body
    over the recruitment and staffing sector of Australia and New Zealand

Say this
Advanced-level skills in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access
Position as a project coordinator where strong organizational and time management skills are essential for success.

How long does it take to get my CV?

  • Once you have sent all your information it generally takes one week to get your CV

How long should my Resume be?

  • As long as it takes to “sell you” to a potential employer and to make you stand out among
    the other candidates. This is generally 1 to 4 pages.

How am I sold in my Resume?

  • You are sold by us highlighting your achievements and by adding “instant credibility” into
    your Resume which is not generally part of the resume writing service from other providers.
    This has resulted in the excellent testimonials we have received from our clients.

How do I pay for my Resume?

  • You don’t need to pay until you receive your draft Resume. You can then pay by credit card,
    into our account or by PayPal. If you are worried about the payment being secure you can give
    your account number directly to the office over the ‘phone.


  • You can pay over 4 weeks. Just ask us about our CVPay system which is:

    • Payment 1 - 25% payable on confirmation of services

    • Payment 2 - 25% payable 7 days later

    • Payment 3 - 25% payable 7 days later

    • Final Payment - Final 25% payable 7 days later

Is there a Guarantee:

  • We guarantee that you will receive an interview with an employer within thirty days of construction of your CV by us (this is subject to our client sending at least ten CVs to at least ten separate advertised positions). If you do not gain an interview within this time, we will rewrite your CV for free!

  • We are so confident that our CV service will gain you that next interview, we are prepared to offer this added advantage to you free of charge!

Wouldn’t it be better for me just to get one of the free CV templates or a $100 CV off a provider on the web?

  • In this competitive world, you need to stand out among the other candidates by showing the
    employer what you have achieved for previous employers and to couch it in a language that
    sounds real. You also need to get “instant credibility” into your CV. The cheaper CVs don’t
    allow for these factors.


    • An employer believes what you have done for someone else you will do for their company.

    • The “instant credibility” factor in our CVs means that the recipient feels comfortable going
      to the next step without gaining a verbal reference check.

If you have any further questions contact gaynor@resumewriting.com.au or  call Gaynor on 1800 202 844