We make certain our Resumes stand out among the other CVs by ensuring:

  • Achievements are highlighted on the Resume as a potential employer believes what you have accomplished for someone else you will achieve for them. You will need to fill out our Achievements Form. When you complete the Achievements Form you will be amazed at the accomplishments you have forgotten.

  • Instant Credibility is detailed on the first page so that the recipient has the confidence to proceed immediately with the application without getting a verbal reference check.

  • FrontPage is where the recipient will decide whether he/she goes on with reading the Resume. We make certain that the information for an instant decision is available on the front page.

We provide one generic Resume and a second tailored one free of charge as we want you to understand the difference between a generic Resume and a tailored one and how easy it is to change each Resume if you so wish. With a tailored Resume you stand out among the other applicants as no-one else probably will bother to do this.

Read our testimonials page as most of these clients took the time to tailor their Resumes with remarkable results! And it is so easy to do!

How to sell yourself to employers! 

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